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Invasive Species

Another Day Of Rain Rain Rain

Invasive Species

The Mighty Firbank (and Myself)
Yuri Hospodar

Another Day Of Rain Rain Rain

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George Gordon Lord Byron

I dishevel toward a blank misfired soggy knoll presiding in an open limo dreaming of umbrellas, pillbox protection failing as I soak and historywilt.

Oh decadeseem of evil wet coerced within one week, days stapled everfurther into.

Honestly, mood is beast wrapped in wet blanket sogging one (me) into indoor hermitry refusing outdoor anything. Stay! Here! In! Stay!

La Niña! Meteorological skank! I exorcist you if I only could, self-bitching my complaintbox toward what middlemanagement would dart toward upperspheric effectiveness.

This skittling scattershot, spit of rainsquall. You have no idea.

All Joseph Conrad's mad-driven whitefella tropic my antipodean emigre impatience; I wait for time when sunny heat drives others mad and

I laugh at them a movie extra's pre-castingcall's benevolence, expectant exile, awaited atmopherics.

Bring the scalding sun! I have performances on textured airstrips,
slingshot mad expatcile launch
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