Invasive Species

Seizing Australia

Yuri Hospodar
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A hopefully unannoying Yank landed in the Kangaroo's Court and living in Sydney, Australia. Yet more about me:

45 years old, cusp of the Baby Boom and Gen XYZEIEIO. Been poet; have been published in some places and not published in many, many other places. Lived in Boston, San Francisco, Prague, Paso Robles, and as of May '07, Sydney with my adorable husband (yes, husband! married and everything! thank you, California), nverzeanu. Here I am, among the cockatoos and death adders! Imagine!

Any info, feedback, and gentle reassurances from folks Down Under greatly appreciated. Already an Aussie Rules fan (go Swans!). Kylie fan, not so much (feh).

Anyone from anywhere is welcome to say hi/"friend" me, &c, of course. Odds are I'll reciprocate fairly quickly - I love to make new e-acquaintances and read the odd occurrences, day-to-day stuff, and intimate details of their life ... it's not cheap voyeurism! It's ... uhh ... writer's curiosity. That's it, yeah.

To quote an at-the-time semi-coherent Ozzy Ozbourne, rock and roll is my religion and my law. Which explains why I don't get laid by strangers often, as I am a lousy homosexual.

Jeff Corwin! Call me! I'll be gentle.
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